Darling Harbour / 4 Staple pieces for a trip abroad


Simple casual outfit post that includes a few staple pieces I took with me to Australia! (See 'Aus take 3')

Jeans - Topshop / 'Jaime skinny'

I think it's important to take a pair of demin jeans on any leisurely trip away, unless the destination is swealtering hot! 
Whether you are a high waisted, skinny or 'mom' style fan. Bets are in that they will get you through the dreaded airport travels and a day/night out in the city you are headed for!

I currently tend to favour in light demin for my holidays as the climate is usually hotter! If you are intending on catching a little sunshine (safely of course) then the paler hues will leave your tan looking even more bronzed. Win win!
It seems that ripped jeans are staying this year and that makes me very happy as I love the edge they give. Dressed up or down you can never go wrong. Another reason to pack at least one pair of jeans! 

Go DIY: Give me a follow and keep an eye out for an easy diy alternative to buying an expensive pair of distressed jeans that leave you wondering if the real hole is in your pocket!

Shoes - Vans

There shouldn't be too much explaining for why I always pack a pair of trainer style shoes. My two favourites which will become very obvious in posts to come are Vans and converse. Apart from being comfortable and practical they look effortless and will stay iconic in footwear for a long long time. I'm sure of it! 
Chose a pair that reflects your current style and know when exploring, you arent  putting your feet through any of the pain heels can inflict! 

Shirt - Forever 21

My 3rd item I encourage to pack is a towel type shirt. I usually opt to travel in a  Tee and a shirt, which the latter sometimes doubles up as a head pillow on flight! Apart from travelling I love to take a shirt out on the days where the weather is overcast or can't make its mind up! On this paticular day, it was wet and undecided yet this shirt kept me dry and warm. Wrapped around my waist in between was a much better option that carrying around a jacket! 
I love checked shirts as again, they are classic and in stores all year round.

Bag - BooHoo

I always double up my travel bag with a bag I can use in the daytime. Either city wandering or for the beach a medium sized bag can just about fit all your must haves! Make sure it's big enough for your plane journey, and there's enough room for your towel when the time comes to relax.
I personally am loving the laid back 'hippie' style of travelling, and went with a Aztec print fabric string tied backpack. 
I found this bag for an unbelievable price of £5 on boohoo.com! I used it everyday in Aus and still find it useful.

There you have 4 items I always take when on my travels! I find having a familiar base to work off really suits my style of packing. I know i have adaptable pieces that im comfortable in, therefore speeding up my routine of getting ready each day hugely! 

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Sacha Marie Davis :-)

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  1. Great post :) Love your jeans :)

  2. Love this post - the jeans & shirt are on my wishlist!!

    Georgia Rose X


  3. I love this outfit, especially the bag. It's a good idea to have staples when traveling so you always have a comfortable outfit :)

    Elaine | Some Of My Favourite Things

  4. Great post!! Looks so comfortable and perfect for a city trip!



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