Sleepy family Ibiza trip


 I recently travelled to Ibiza for a last minute get away with my mum, sister and nephew!
Having assumed that one of the hottest destinations for raving and partying, would be overwhelming and not the place to chill out.. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived in 'sleepy' Cala Tarida.
Located on the west coast of the island you are away from the hardcore party goers. 
The land is up hill overlooking the beach so I witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen!
Even with a 15 month old baby, we were able to get some sun and enjoy many cocktails (Mocktails in my case) by the pool! We had a lot of fun like we always do wherever we go. I'm lucky my family are also my best friends!
I would recommend this part of Ibiza for anyone that has ever avoided the island for the reputation it holds. 
Here are a few pictures of some of outfits I chose to pack that served me well, and also some scenic snaps of our lovely surroundings!
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