The P word


Would you believe me if I told you I got these holidays bits from Primark? No didn't think so.
I no longer understand the bad stigma of Primark. 
I think it's a maturity thing, knowing if you shop carefully you can get away 'common' cheap brands and look as on trend as the person dripping in high end pieces.

I used to find myself stuffing items I brought from this store into other bags I was carrying! 
Thinking what if someone sees me, as I tried (usually failing) to engage with the already hectic Primark shopping experience. 

Now I couldnt care less. 'What are you doing in here too?' I think to myself.
The main positive from a trip to Primark is that you can buy replicas of most ongoing fashion pieces. For such little money too, who doesn't need that guilt free feeling on a retail therapy day out to the shops!

I  followed my rules (listed below) and came home with the above garments and what could be a whole new outfit for a ridiculously satisfying price.

Crochet top - £5 
Shorts - £4
Boots - £12
Hat - £7
Sunglasses - £2

My rules for purchasing items in 'cheaper' brands:

Less is more

This tip is plain and simple. Literally. I stick to minimal colour and small discrete prints that don't make a statement. Stay away from bright colours and loud patterns that could be recognised (if you want your closet to be a mystery).

Mix and match

Disguise your love for a bargain by mixing with other brands. Maybe use cheaper brands to bring more expensive staple pieces up to date. E.g accessories and 'throw away' fashion pieces.


Check the item isn't going to fall apart as soon as you get home.
Usually when you smile at a price tag, it means it won't last too long, sadly.
However, give it a check for snags and make sure you choose the best looking one on the rail. It might not last many washes, but makes it easier to dispose of when a new must have is on your list.


Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it has to be yours! Still consider if the money will just sit in your wardrobe and never be worn. It adds up, and that top you'll never use could be a five guys or some useful change when you need it! Take each item out of the basket and think twice if it's still worth it.

Have fun with your wardrobe!

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