Lip Voltage - Mix up the voltage


I asked for 'Lip Voltage' for my birthday (Oct) and I am pleased to announce that it works!
Well.. I think it does, however no-one else noticed.. but I guess that's a good thing?
I am not a fan of the false fishy lips look.

You inject you the amount of 'voltage', whether that is 1ml, 2ml or maximum 3ml using the syringe.
WARNING: Be careful when reading the syringe as I added about 5ml without noticing it was going in.. OOPS!
You then mix around the lip gloss stick and your newly added customised formula for about 1 minute. 
After the 2 liquids are combined you apply a thin layer (for your first try) to the lips. 
Make sure you don't get any anywhere apart from your natural lip shape!

 Then prepare for a few waves of panic and stinging. It really does sting, sorry! 
Pain aside, it will last you 24 hours and make you feel a little more proud of your smile/pout. 
 You continue to just use the lipgloss container until you feel you need to recharge it with the peptide filled syringe. The first time is the only time that it is time consuming and fiddly.

The picture of me above is after using the product for the first time. I would probably normally only use this when going out at night or somewhere special!

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