First of all, I have never met a bunch of people so extremely kind and lovely in one place. Seriously, I wanted to hug everyone! Especially the staff in Starbucks. However, I would give anyone a hug who hands me a strawberries and cream frappe. 

Bath is famous for its historic buildings and architecture. I visited most of the key sites in-between shopping and all were very beautiful, and the city is so neat.
The Royal Crescent is very special in the spring time. The cleverly designed curved block of idyllic houses are adorned by hundreds of daffodils.
Victoria Art Gallery was quite fun for a break of walking around. I obviously am a sucker for art, and looked around for a while!
Bath Abbey I don't think you could go to bath and not see it! Its very beautiful and has a lovely atmosphere around it. Bands playing etc.. I also saw a huge group of traditional nannies come out. They are called 'Norland Nannies'. They have an old fashioned uniform, and got quite a few stares from people as it looked like they had walked out of some sort of story book.
Pulteney bridge Is lovely to look across and if the weather is nice, with a ice cream! I lent over the bridge for a while just watching the river in the heat and it was really relaxing.

Bath is very chilled out, there is even cats sitting inside the shops..
 I found it to be a good escape from the whirlwind of life for a few days.

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  1. Lovely photos. Sounds like a lovely place to visit! xx


  2. Your photos are beautiful!




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