Beautiful sunny day in England today! I have spent much of it moving around the garden as the shadows catch up with me. As we know, England isn't always sunny though, or well ever.. It sometimes feels! 
These 3 items are my ABSOLUTE essentials. Every trip away, every kind of weather they come with me. Every sunday one of them is on me! 

Converse are such a great way to doll down a outfit or to just make you feel more androgynous chic. I currently like to pair mine with frilly/polka dot socks.

Leather jackets Don't even need an explanation. I don't know where I would be without mine. I once referred to it as my second skin. There is something so effortlessly cool about leather. Whenever I put on a dress I love definitely love to have my jacket with me to make me feel a little different.

Ray bans (Fake or simular style) are amazing as they black out any sign of tiredness. I don't think they will be making any exit soon from the land of trend.

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  1. Lovely pieces just the right outfit for a full day xxx
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  2. These are my essentials too, I can't live without a leather jacket! River Island have some lovely ones at the moment!


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